How to Optimize an Image for Web with Compressed Pictures

Most of the normal charging time is due to a web page on top of it attached to the pictures. So if we do not connect the images to the right form, it would be harmful to a webpage.


In the time of information technology website is supposed to be the entire single source of information for the visitor of a virtual world without even being transferred even a step in the real world. Therefore, certain images in different file formats are linked to a webpage so that visitors can get comprehensive information about the content and subject of the web page.

When we choose to upload images to our website, the next challenge we face is the fact that it does not affect image quality without changing its size or by compressing it. This is the area where most people release the idea of ​​image size or packaging. True, to some extent, because if you do not know how to edit the image you want, either a web page or image should turn the music.

That is why we are looking for the middle path that can help us without compromising image or a web page. Well, the first step in such a path is connected to the central lower part images for each site or page. When your webpage is encoded and written in html format, it is recommended that a maximum of five (5) image is part of the website on each page. This is the limit that a webpage may allow when it is available to speed up download.

The next phase is the best the best kind of webpages to choose, it will look and it is recommended that you use the webpage from your bitmap files. Rather, grab teams .GIF or .JPG or JPEG shapes because they are easily accessible and blocked webpages.

These images in a conventional image processing basis have to learn and remember to remove or delete the desired part of the image delimited by (because it is faster and more user-friendly). This unwanted retention of stuff figs increase the size and accordingly the size of the web page. Therefore crop unwanted and make your web page you want in the virtual world.

The next step is that when everything is set to take pictures of your website cropping and in other ways, you need to be sufficiently conservative image the correct resolution or color correction, height and width, the glue to the image can not be easy and Unique Visitors correctly by looking so the correct alignment and clearing accuracy would make your website more interesting.

When everything is set to resize, compress the image from a webpage the last you need to check which server would best serve you by customizing yourself in the upload and hosting web site and the attached pictures there. Once you get right, the right server or hosted a website, you would have the entire web page ready to view daylight in the virtual world.



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